The Hunt

Moose Hunting

Moose hunting and Newfoundland have become virtually synonymous. At Pine Ridge Lodge we use the spot and stalk moose hunting style mixed with an appropriate and timely chorus of moose music and antler rattling. Each day of moose hunting begins with an early rise and a hearty breakfast. You will leave camp just as dawn begins to show. Prime moose hunting areas begins right at the doorstep.

Your hunting guide will provide everything needed to support you during each day of moose hunting. Successful moose hunting requires communications between hunter and guide. This ensures that every element of your moose hunting adventure is tailored to your needs. You and your moose hunting guide are a team.

Rifles of 30 caliber, and loaded with 180 grain or heavier bullets are proven effective for moose hunting.

Moose hunting success rate = 90 per cent

Woodland Caribou Hunting

Woodland caribou hunting is only permissible in the province of Newfoundland. In all other areas of Canada, woodland caribou populations are too low to support hunting and are under various levels of protection. At Pine Ridge Lodge we are hunting woodland caribou from the Middle Ridge herd, the largest woodland caribou herd in Newfoundland. Woodland caribou hunting is akin to moose hunting in that this caribou shares a large portion of its range with moose, and is relatively sedentary, making only short migrations to calving range and winter range. Woodland caribou hunting is truly an enjoyable experience, and for us a premium big game hunting adventure. Each day of woodland caribou hunting begins with an early rise and a hearty breakfast. As with moose hunting, you will leave camp just as the dawn begins to show. Prime woodland caribou hunting areas are within a short walk, and sometimes caribou will emerge from the bush within rock throwing distance from the hunting lodge, or on the beach in front of the hunting lodge.

Pine Ridge hunting lodges at Deer Pond and Kepenkeck Lake are located on the route followed by the famous British hunter and traveler John G. Millais who returned to Newfoundland in 1904 to hunt woodland caribou because of hunting stories he had been told previously while hunting elsewhere in Newfoundland. His account of his experiences was recorded in his book "Newfoundland and its untrodden ways." You will be able to hunt this same ground, virtually unchanged.

Rifles of 30 caliber and loaded with 180 grain bullets are proven effective for woodland caribou hunting.

Caribou hunting success rate = 80 per cent.

Black Bear Hunting

Black bear hunting is done during both spring and fall seasons. The most exciting black bear hunting is done during the spring season on the calving range of the Middle Ridge Woodland Caribou herd where bear predation on calves is dampening the growth of the herd. This is a spot and stalk style hunt, and in the judgement of bear hunters is the most exciting black bear hunting on the continent. This hunt is done from tent camps, and thus the amenities are minimal, but made warm and comfortable by a small wood burning stove.

This black bear hunt has proven to be much more than a hunt - it is an education on just how the mechanics of nature are applied "in the raw". You will bear witness to the techniques these specialists have developed and perfected in maximizing their predatory effectiveness. Outside of this special black bear hunt, very few hunters have been fortunate enough to have a front row seat from which to view the full story on black bear predation on woodland caribou calves, and sometimes adults. Their activities also attract bald eagles, coyotes, foxes, and lynx. Only the coyote can be harvested as a byproduct of the black bear hunting, and we encourage you to do so at every opportunity.

During the fall season, we only offer black bear hunting as a "stumble on" opportunity while moose hunting or woodland caribou hunting. We no longer offer baited hunting for black bear.

Rifles of 30 caliber and loaded with 180 grain or heavier bullets are proven effective for black bear hunting.

Black Bear hunting success rate
= spring season is 80 per cent.
= fall season is 25 per cent.