Woodland Caribou

Woodland Caribou Hunting In Newfoundland, Canada

Big game hunting for Woodland Caribou is allowable only in Newfoundland.

At Pine Ridge Lodge, we hunt the Middle Ridge herd - the largest woodland caribou herd and the one with the highest proportion of trophy class animals. Large males, weighing upwards of 500 lbs. and sporting an impressive mahogany colored antlered crown is beautiful to see and a challenge to hunt. The mating period for caribou usually occurs during the period early October to mid November.

Big Game Hunters at Pine Ridge Lodge's various locations enjoy the benefits of being able to hunt from lodges and/or outpost camps throughout the whole home range of the Middle Ridge herd. This, as well as being able to hunt with guides who are experienced and knowledgeable about caribou movements, gathering areas and habitat are features that combine to place Pine Ridge Lodge hunters in areas with the highest concentration of Trophy Class Woodland Caribou.

25% of the woodland caribou taken at Pine Ridge Lodge are record book specimens.