Black Bear

Black Bear Hunting In Newfoundland, Canada
The Black Bear ( Americanus Hamilton) in , is the most voracious of our predators. Wildlife Biologists estimate that 35 to 40 per cent of moose and caribou calves are killed annually by Black Bears, and, they also kill adult animals of both species.

Newfoundland Black Bears are amongst the largest on the planet.

The reasons for the large body size are not known. However, there is likely a link between this unusually large body size and the high protein intake from predation on moose and caribou.

A study conducted by the Newfoundland Wildlife Division revealed the male black bear in our area is 37% larger, and female black bear is 55% larger, on average, then their cousins in New Brunswick, Ontario, Quebec, Maine, and Alaska.

At the various Pine Ridge Lodge locations within the Bay du Nord Wilderness Reserve, we are amidst the very best Black Bear habitat, and the large bears taken here is the undisputed evidence of this fact.

You will not be hunting with a busload of bear hunters. You won't hear the factory whistle, nor will your hunt be disturbed by passing ATV's or pick-up trucks.

You will be in remote wilderness, where we manage the hunting to ensure that hunters consistently have opportunities to take bear in the 300 to 700 pound class. So, bring your heavyweight bows and rifles.

This is Black Bear Hunting at its best. The province of Newfoundland offers two black bear hunting seasons - Spring, and Fall.

We also offer a "spot-and-stalk" hunt in both seasons. Spring hunting season runs from late May to early July, with rifle or muzzle-loader. Fall hunting opens in early September and continues until early November.